Ring Wi-Fi Enabled Video Doorbell Review; Works with Alexa

Ring Wi-Fi is enabled video doorbell is a modern doorbell. We always look for the doorbell that has a better aesthetic. The streamlined looked video doorbell looks very pretty with required DIY skills. If you have it, you can easily see who is knocking at your door. People are now using video doorbells to make an extra barrier between the outside and inside world. There are many options in the market. But this Wi-Fi enabled ringing doorbell is battery powered machine that you can install without any wire. However, let’s know the details review of this doorbell because it helps you to choose it for your security.

Product description

This ring bell is simple and better for you to keep your home security in hands. It protects burglars, thieves and unwanted people and keeps your home safe. It makes sure that you do not miss any visitor. You can answer your door from anywhere in your home. If you are away from the door and are too busy, you can see and speak to the visitor from your Smartphone and PC. However, this video doorbell has an activated camera, HD video quality, two-way audio features. So, you can hear, see or speak to the visitor. It keeps your home secure at day or night or rain. In this video doorbell, you will get night vision, activated alerts, mobile access, easy installation, rechargeable battery, live view mode, etc. benefits.

Features of ring Wi-Fi enabled video doorbell

Ring video doorbell is cheaper, useful and amazing. Let’s see the main features of this doorbell.

Easy installation

You can quickly set this doorbell. It will take just a few minutes. You can follow the manual given with the doorbell. You need some simple tools only to install the ring doorbell.

There is custom motion zone

You will get alerts when anyone presses your doorbell because there is a built-in sensor. You can customize the sensitivity and get the real-time alerts. It is essential for the best security.

You can see and speak by using any device

After installing it to your door and installing the apps on your Smartphone and desktop, you will get the alerts from the visitors instantly they press the doorbell. So, when you are any place of your home, you can see or speak to the visitor by using your Smartphone or tablet or monitor.

Suitable for every home

You can use it for any stylish home. Just select the faceplate which matches the style of your home. Then set it.

Camera quality

The audio quality and images of ring doorbell are decent. Though the audio quality and videos are crystal clear and so awesome, they are really decent. You could hear or see the visitors without any problem. It is the best thing that you can talk to the visitor with your video doorbell.


  • You can use Alexa device to the doorbell for voice control.
  • It provides the best safety of your home.
  • The live view feature is amazing.
  • You can control it from your phone, Pc or tablet.


  • Though the battery is rechargeable, its lifetime is not so durable.
  • The image quality is not so good.


How to install ring doorbell?

We know that the installation of ring doorbell is very easy. You can buy this doorbell from the market or order it online. After buying it, you need to install it yourself. If your home is made of brick or concrete, you need a drill machine. Then drill four holes to set the machine. You also need a screwdriver, a charging cable, screws, anchors, etc. to do the installation. It is better to follow the installation guide.

Final Words:

Ring Wi-Fi enabled video doorbell is a smart and useful one for the safety of any home. You do not need to go to the door to see the visitors. When you are in the living room or any other places in your home, you can talk or see the visitor on your Smartphone or tablet. This experience is really amazing. So, if you need such kind of doorbell, you can take this one because you will get it within a reasonable price. As the battery is rechargeable, when you recharge the battery you can use another one to keep your doorbell active. So, why you are waiting! Just grab this doorbell and lead a safe life.

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