How to Organize Extension Cords?

As we need to use extension cords, you have to know how to organize extension cords. If you properly organize your extension cords, you can find them in time. It also prevents unwanted yanking the power on devices when we should not have. It also keeps your room looking neat. When we can properly take control of these wires and cords, they look nice and easier to access. There is some fantastic solution to organize your extension cords and cables.

Some ways to organize extension cords

In this article, I am going to show you some of them. Let’s see them.

Using toilet paper rolls

It is a method that is one type of reuse of household items. When you use all of your toilet paper, do not throw the roll. You can use the roll to slip the cord over. If you are a creative one, you can color the roll with color paper. Then hang the roll from a wall.

Use hook

You can use captain hook as a good reminder for your extension cords. Place the hooks on the wall of your workshop or your garage and hang your cords from there. It is better to use heavy-duty hooks. Besides cords, you can also find some other things from the hooks. You should place the hook from there which is near to you.

Use a Ziploc bag

A Ziploc plastic bag can be useful to keep your small extension cords. Keep the cords inside the bag and put them into your drawers. You can also mark the bags with small notes such as length, thickness, etc. It also prevents damage to the cords because it does not allow any water to spoil the cords.

Tie the cords

You can tie the cords with electric ties to keep them organized in a place. Besides, the cable ties are very much cheap. Use these ties to tie the coil together when you do not want to use them.

Command brand hangers

You can also use command brand hangers with a variety of sizes. It does not damage the surface and comes off cleanly. Buy the hooks that are right for the cords and secure them to the back edge or the underside of the desk. Another good thing about this command hook is you can remove your cords without removing the hook.

Power strips

It is not possible to organize all the equipment and cables in a specific area if you do not have enough space to keep everything. The power strip is must-have items. In this case, you can use a Velcro strip to stick the surge protector underside of a desk keeping one plug running. It is a better idea to use surge protectors which have switched.

Tags of bread bags

If you collect the tags of the bread bags, you can reuse them. However, you can use them to label your cords which one is for your router, which one is for your modem, etc. The solution is very cheap.

Hanging them from hanging shoe rack

It is a good solution for your garages such as shoes, wire, cords, etc. Each pocket is perfect in size to keep them. Then hang them on your wall.

Binder clips

It is a trick, but this trick seldom works. It will prevent your chargers and cords from slipping down from your desk. But the only problem is that the edges of desks are not thin enough so that they can hold the right clips. Besides, it cannot work if your desk has the folding leaf.

Use a wire basket under your desk

It is another good idea. You can place all the USB cables, FireWire, power cords, wires and some other accessories in the basket. Tie the large cables into a coil and put them into the basket.

How to organize extension cords is now not a hard question for you. All the above tricks will help you to keep your extension cords organized in a place. So, try them which seem best for you. When we can arrange all the things correctly, our room and house look very neat and clean. Then we feel more comfortable.