How to Pick a Tool Box Lock? 3 Hidden Tips

People search for the answer how to Pick a tool box lock. This question is the people who lose the key of his tool box. When you lose the key, you will feel disappointed and try the ways to open the lock. At the time of essential work, losing a key of the tool box is really unpleasant. However, the lock of anything is like a puzzle. But it is not so easy to solve this puzzle. But there are some effective ways by which you can unlock your toolbox lock.

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3 Hidden Tips About How to Pick a Tool Box Lock

1# Ordering manufacturer for a replacement key

It is the first step to contact the dealer of your toolbox. The well-known manufacturers keep the replacement keys. But you need to do a special order for the keys. However, it is not cheap and you will have to pay at list $50 for the key. To identify the key, the manufacturer can ask you for the number that is given outside the toolbox. If the manufacturer cannot supply you the replacement key, you need the additional steps.

2# Call a locksmith

If you want to keep all your tools and the toolbox good, you should call a locksmith. The toolbox lock is similar to the office desk or supply locks. So, the man who can open the locks of the cabinet, desk or other things can able to open the lock of your toolbox.

3# Open the lock yourself

The final way is to open the lock yourself. If you know some tricks and tips, you can open the lock of your toolbox. You can use a paper clip to open the lock. Take two paperclips which are big in size. Just look the width of the clip. Besides, the clip is needed to be long enough to insert inside the lock. Now take pliers to give proper shape to the paperclips. It is a very easy process. At first, unfold the edge that is large of the paperclip. Unfold the edge for twice. You will do that to insert this part inside the lock.

Now take the two curves of the paperclip until they turn into a straight wire with a bend at the end part. Then press the end with a wrench to downward. Make the curve 90 degrees angle. Now it is time to Pick the lock. Now insert the curve part of the wire inside the keyhole. Apply the proper amount of pressure. But do not do it too hard because it can make the paperclip out of its figure. Besides, if you put a little pressure, you cannot Pick the lock. You can watch a YouTube video of Pick Locks with Paperclips.

Now turn the wire in the direction of the lock turns. You will face that it is a little bit hard. But it is very important to turn in the right way. But if you do not know the direction of the lock opens, try one side. Then try the other side of the lock.  Now insert another pin and move the two clockwise and anti-clockwise. Do this step for several times. Besides, do not try quickly. Move smoothly and you can unlock it for the first time.

Keep the pressure on the wire. Apply the rotational pressure to depress the lock pins. When you will able to move the pins to the unlock position, you will hear a clicking sound. The experienced lock Pick can do it smoothly. Try properly and you can easily open the lock.

When you are able to open the lock, take out the pins and wires outside from the lock hole. Now you feel so happy by doing this work yourself.

Last Words:

It is not so hard to open a toolbox lock. But at the time of trying, you should keep your mind calm and do not be excited. It will hamper your attention and you cannot open your toolbox lock within a short time.  So, now it is not hard for you how to Pick a tool box lock. If you do not get any extra key from the manufacturer or are not able to find any locksmith, you can do it by yourself. Just try the right way and do it gently.

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