Harbor Freight Tool Box Review

When you need to work with a lot of tools in your garage or other mechanical areas, this review (Harbor Freight Tool Box ) can help you to learn the best information about Harbor Freight toolbox or cabinet.

To keep all your tools in a place and organized in several drawers, Harbor Freight brand comes with some tool boxes or cabinets for you.

It is a well-known company with their tools and tool boxes or cabinets. This company brings tool cabinet for mechanics, carpenters and for homeowners. From this article, you will get the best Harbor Freight Tool Box details.

Harbor Freight Tool Box Review [11 Drawer Roller Tool Cabinet (US General)]

Harbor Freight 11 Drawer Roller Tool Cabinet is a popular product of US General. It is a good tool storage for your garage, working place, even for your home.

There are 11 drawers which are lockable with both small and large drawers. The cabinet is made of steel which is more durable and you can move this cabinet where you need.

So, it can be your best Harbor Freight Tool Box according to its features

…Let’s read the core features.

Harbor Freight Tool Box

Features of Harbor Freight Tool Cabinet

This tool cabinet comes with a lot of features. Some of them are described below:

Heavy -duty toolbox

It has a heavy duty tool cabinet with 151 pounds weight. The box is made of steel that provides extra durability. Besides, the steel is coated with the black color powder that provides good finishing and best looking.

Non-slip drawers

The drawers are made in such a way that they do not slip to the floor. So, your tools are in their place. It is an important feature to keep the drawers protected and prevent falling the tools.

Enough space for all tools

This tool cabinet has total 11 drawers for organizing your tools. There is a lockable top chest. There are three small and large drawers.

Moreover, there is a locking chest with more two drawers. In the bottom, there is a large compartment to keep the large tools such as drills, hammers, etc.

Easy opening and closing the drawers

You will not feel any trouble to open or close the drawers. The drawers will never be stuck and you do not give extra force to open them.


The side handles are very strong and tight enough. You can move easily the chest by holding the handles.


The wheels of this tool cabinet are well-constructed. You can move your cabinet smoothly for its fine wheels.

However, it can tolerate heavy weight up to 300 pounds. If you load more weight, be careful to move your cabinet. If you see that any of the wheels get damaged, you can easily replace your wheel.


  • Good tool cabinet within the reasonable price.
  • This tool cabinet is so durable.
  • Enough space to keep all accessories.


  • Many customers say It is bigger tool chest than others.

Questions and answers

Question:  Do the manufacturer provides additional keys?

Answer: Of course. You will get two keys additional for each drawer.

Question: Is this tool cabinet is good for a mechanic?

Answer: Yes. A mechanic can use this tool cabinet for his purpose because it contains a lot of drawers and enough space to put all the necessary tools in a place.

Check Price & Customers Review

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Overall, the people who like Harbor Freight Tool Box can pick this 11 drawers roller tool cabinet for the safety of their tools. The lockable drawers allow keeping the important tools without any tension. So, you can try this tool cabinet.

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