Custom LeatherCraft 1539 Tool Bag Review

CLC 1539 Multi-Compartment tool bag is a professional tool bag for installers, technicians, plumber, tradesmen and all kinds of mechanical work.CLC always provides the best quality tool bags for customers.

The price of this bag is reasonable. CLC 1539 tool bag is also versatile and durable.

One the other hand Among all the tool bags, CLC Custom LeatherCraft 1539 bag is the best quality tool bag with large size and multi-compartment.

So, if you need a large tool bag for your daily purpose with elegant design, you can choose it.

Don’t quit this page because In this review I will share some important features of this bag that will help you get the good and bad things about CLC 1539 tool bag.

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Important Features:

CLC Custom LeatherCraft 1539 is a large tool bag of multi-compartment with enough space for keeping a lot of tools and accessories.

However, this durable, versatile tool bag can be the excellent choice for you. In the inner compartment, you can carry all your power tools and hand tools.

Besides, the outer compartment provides plenty of space to manage a large selection of tools. It has lots of features, this can be the better one for you. It has total 50 pockets which enough for all your big and small tools.

Let’s see the features of this tool bag.

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#Suitably compartmentalized

This tool bag has enough space for all kinds of tools, and the plenty of space allows you to easy to organize.

Besides, in the exterior, there is a large carabiner, and also a clip for tape measure. Moreover, there are vertical pockets for easy access.

#Reliable Construction and comfortable to use

It has been used heavy-duty fabric and poly ballistic trim. Besides, the padded shoulder straps are comfortable to carry and have the proper grip. You can also carry this tool bag on hands convenient with the gripped handle.

#Easy access and proper security

You can keep your tools safely because the main compartments are zipped. The number of pockets also provides quick access to all tools so that you can get them during your busy work.

Besides, the large compartment for all your large tools is effective for easy access to all large & small accessorise.

#Spill Proof

All the pockets are zipped. So, there is no chance of getting dropped your tools while you carry them or put them in your bag. It is really the safe place for your tools.


  • A large size tool bag with enough space for small and large tools.
  • it is a handy tool bag with proper organize capacity.
  • it is durable, comfortable and well-organized.


  • Sometimes the zipper gets stacked.
  • It is too large for some technicians.

Things of Consideration Before Buying a Tool Bag

There are many important things that you should consider before buying a tool bag.

I am describing some important things for you.


The design is the first thing that we notice for the first time. A tool bag is heavier because we use it to carry the tool. So, it is important that the tool bag will be designed ergonomically. However, the design will help you to carry it comfortably and easily.

Rugged construction

The quality of a tool bag should be sturdy so that it can take the pressure. The best tool bag is made of poly fabric, canvas, etc. A good tool bag made of durable materials that long lasting for many years. Besides, a strong tool bag can contain heavy tools easily.

Enough space and pockets

An excellent tool bag will have enough space and pockets to carry and organize all the tools correctly. If the bag has patented central panel, it will have proper shape for a long time. Besides, the vertical pockets are also helpful to keep all the tools safely.

Waterproof base

Most of the quality tool bags have the waterproof bottom to prevent all kinds of water soaking when you keep them on the ground.

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Final Thoughts:

CLC Custom LeatherCraft 1539 Multi-Compartment 50 Pocket Tool Bag is a right choice for them who need to carry many tools both big and small for everyday work.

This nice looking, durable and versatile tool bag can be your companion of daily mechanic work. It is the great gift of CLC CustomCraft at the reasonable price. If you have a limited budget, you can try it at the lowest price.

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