10 Best Truck Tool Box Review & Buying Guide

A best truck tool box is very much necessary for them who have a track. It is necessary to maintain and organize the truck when it causes any sudden damage. However, when you search for a truck tool box on the market, you will find a lot of toolbox. If you are buying this at first, it is really difficult for you to choose the best one. We are going to describe some best tool box for the truck so that you can choose the right one.

Why Need a Truck Tool Set?

A truck tool set is an essential thing for a truck. However, if you think you lose the gear of your truck or crush the break, what can you do then? If you have a truck tool set, you can do some mechanics to repair your truck. Besides, a tool box keeps your tools at a place so that you can access all the tools easily. It is also for your truck security such as we keep a first aid box for our safety.

Best Truck Tool Box

How to Choose The Best Truck Tool Box?

Most of the service providers cannot go without a truck tool box. But you need the right one. There are some things to be considered before buying a truck tool box.

1. Select the design and size

Truck tool box has some styles such as the cross box, side box, and underbody box. Cross Box is two types such as the single lid and double lid. The single lid box is good for the commercial trucks. However, this box extends the maximum width of the pickup truck bed. Double lid cross box has two separable lids for the tools. Besides, the side box offers best lid-seating outside than other boxes. On the other hand, the underbody box frees up the bed space and keeps the tools safe and secure. Choose the style according to your need.

2. Enough security

A truck tool box is really a valuable thing for the toolbox. Choose the bag with strong latches, lock. It is needed to protect your tool from missing.

3. Weather resistance

To keep your tools for the lifetime, your tool box is needed to be weather resistance. Most of them are water resistant. Whenever you buy a tool box for your truck, you should choose one that has latches and weather stripping. The best tool box will protect your tool from sun rays, rain, and snow.

4. Storage

A truck tool set will contain a lot of tools such as screwdrivers, sockets and some other tools. With the help of a truck tool box, you can keep all your tools in a place and keep them with your truck. Besides, you can easily get the tools and again keep them in the place. The best tool box has proper compartment and space to keep all the tools.

5. Materials and finishes

Generally, the truck tool boxes are made of aluminum because it is lightweight and durable. Older tool boxes were made of steel finished. So, some use the stainless steel for the finish and some use hard plastic. The powder coating protects the steel from corrosion.

Types of Truck Tool Box

There are various types of the truck tool box. Let’s look through some of them.

  • Crossover: It is for installing on the back side of the cab. It is made such a way that the width of the box resting on a side of the bed. It is so simple and a good alternative to save money.
  • Chest: It is for keeping it behind your truck. You can keep it directly on the floor of the truck. The best thing about this box is that it does not disturb you to see the things behind the truck through the back window. Besides, it will take a small space on the bed.
  • Side: It is the tool box that is needed to install with the side rail of your truck. Side tool box does not require more space. You can easily take your tools by standing beside your truck.
  • Hitch: This tool box also does not bock the back window of the truck. You can install it to the trailer post of your truck. So, without trailer post, you cannot use this tool box.

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Top 10 Truck Tool Box Reviews

There are lots of companies providing various designed truck tool box. Now I am describing some of the best truck tool boxes. Give a look at them to choose one for your truck.

[1] Undercover SC201D Drivers Side Black tool box

If you looking for a tool box for your truck to put all your tools even your sporting goods, you can choose this Undercover SC201D side tool box. However, it is also known as the swing case of Undercover. It is the best solution for your tools, jumper cables and much more. This tool box also provides the easy access to all tools. Moreover, this swing case like box is portable and will take only 5 minutes to install it. The carrying capacity of this tool box is 75 pounds. Besides, the tool box has a cup holder to utilize the necessary tools. The box is lightweight and durable. Besides, you can remove this box easily. The security of this tool box is good and it contains moisture seal. However, this moisture seal keeps your sensitive tools away from any harm.


  • Easy installing process.
  • Provides proper security.
  • Waterproof toolbox.


  • You can feel fitting problems.

[2] Undercover SC100D Black Swing Case Storage Box

It is another product that can impress anyone. It works properly and perfectly with most of the tonneau covers. This tool box also takes a small space of the truck bed. You can carry a lot of tools inside it. Besides, it will keep all of your tools dry. However, keep all the moisture away from the tools and keep your tools away from rusting. Besides, you can install this tool box easily. It will only take a few minutes.


  • A good handy toolbox.
  • Versatile and easy to install.


  • The handle can get broken within a few months.

[3] Bestop 42640-01 HighRock 4×4 Under Seat Lock Box

If you searching for the best one for your truck, you can take this tool box. It is one of the best products in the market from many years for its high-quality. The company designs this product for durability and best quality. The lockage storage has enough place to keep all the tools. It also provides extra security with its lock system. You will get two keys for the lock. However, this tool box comes with bolt installation. You need not any hardware to install it. The material used here is carbon sheet which is durable and has high strength.


  • Highly durable.
  • It is perfect for heavy-duty work.


  • The installation will take more time.

[4] Better Built 67011386 ATV Tool Box

It is an affordable toolbox. It is made of durable aluminum plate. We always expect a tool box that provides us the best service. The stylish surface of this tool box will attract you. It is always blended perfectly with all the truck. Besides, don’t be tensed about your tool because this box protects moisture and keep your tool good. Even, it protects a drop of water to get inside the box. The handles are lockable and keep your tools safe. If you have any confusion about the size, you can choose other sizes to fit it to your truck. To install the box to your truck bed, you just need to drill some holes in the truck bed.


  • It provides improved security.
  • It is extremely durable.


  • This toolbox contains thin aluminum gage.

[5] Northern Tool + Equipment 41911 Truck Box

It is a crossover tool box. The manufacturers use here durable aluminum metal. Besides, it is coated with the black powder that makes it attractive and stylish. However, it is a well-fitted tool box for most of the trucks. There is enough space to keep all the items small or big in a place and easily get them when you need. There is also the self-risking shocks, dual lift, easy handle, etc. The lid is designed as M-brace which is easy to close. However, the safety lock provides safety from unauthorized access. The tool is waterproof and keeps your tools better in all kinds of weather conditions.


  • You can install it easily in most of the trucks.
  • The design is weather resistant.


  • It is good for small trucks.

[6] UWS TBSM36 Side Mount Truck Box

You can choose this tool box as the best truck tool box. This box is made of aluminum and is coated with black powder. Keep your all necessary tools in your tool box with the best security. The foamed lids, locking systems, stainless steel made handles are the best features of this tool box. However, it is the toolbox that will not take a lot of space of your truck bed. The best design, the properly fitted toolbox is really good for you.


  • Good quality, durable tool box.
  • Perfect box at the price.
  • Can keep a plenty of tools in it.


  • For those who need a big one, this bag is not good.

[7] Plano 1510-01 Rear Mount ATV Storage Box

If you want a simple product for your truck or car, you can choose this toolbox of Plano. It is attractive and simple designed tool box. It offers you a lot of features. The elastomeric straps provide security of the lid. It also protects the tools from dust. However, this tool is portable. The steel hinge of this tool keeps it strong to constant use. Besides, the double-life wall provides the extra length of this product.


  • Most of the customers say that it is the best ATV box.
  • Small but can carry all the essential tools.


  • The straps can get loosen after some years use.

[8] Weather Guard 127502 Black Aluminum Saddle Box

Who are searching for extreme protection for their tools, they can choose this tool box as the best truck tool box. The locking system of this tool box is really advanced than other truck tool boxes. It also provides enough protection to prevent the tools from broken down. So, you can keep all the tools safe inside this tool box. The convenient points of attachment also enhance the tool box’s security. Besides, you will get your tools well-organized with an adjustable tray that is made of metal. Moreover, there are several removable bins with a level holder. The rotary allows you to open the box with one touch. All the tools are weather protected inside the toolbox. So, your tools get extra durability.


  • Extremely durable.
  • Provides the best security for all the tools.


  • Overall the toolbox is good but customers complain about the damaging of the box during shipping.

[9] Dee Zee 6535P Tool Box

It is a good tool box with 3.6 cubic feet space. This box is durable and made of poly plastic. The design of this toolbox is rectangular as like as a chest design. However, the box is very rugged and durable. This box comes with a double lid which can tolerate a lot of pressure. Inside this bag, you will find 2 cup holders and two portions of space to keep your tools well-organized.


  • A lot of room to store all tools.
  • Good for all sizes tools.
  • The lid is double walled.


  • The bottom of this tool box is not smooth.

[10] Dee Zee M207 Specialty Series Utility Box

It is an excellent utility box for your truck within a low budget. It provides enough space to store a lot of tools you need. However, it is not so large to take a lot of space of your truck bed. The box is made of aluminum. So, it is very durable. The box is coated with black powder which makes the box stylish for your truck. Besides, this coat gives the box extra durability. It keeps all the tools secure because it has a lockable button handle to do the safety lock. You can easily install it within a few minutes.


  • It is lockable to keep all the gears safe.
  • Very much durable.


  • It is not so good for heavy rain

Final Thoughts of The Best Budget Tool Box

When you make your decision to buy a tool box for your truck, the main consideration is to see that if the box is right for the truck bed. So, you should choose one according to your willing how many place you can spend on your truck bed for a tool box. However, all the tool boxes describe here are really good. But the decision is only yours. So, see all the things that are important to choose the best truck tool box and then desire one.

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