The Best Tool Pouches Review To Buy In 2018

The tool pouch is essential for a technician. It allows a man to work firmly at any place. So, it is a helpful thing to get the essential tools while working with two hands for the carpenter, plumber or electrician. A tool pouch is designed in such a way that you can easily put or take any tools. It also keeps your tools secure and does not allow them falling. Though you have a tool bag, a tool pouch is needed during freehand working.

However, a review of the 6 best tool pouches can help you to choose the suitable and best one for you.

6 Best Tool Pouches For Electrician and Carpenter:

This article is for him who wants the best tool pouch. Here, I am going to share you the best 5 tool pouches.


Veto Pro PAC TP4 is an excellent tool pouch for the technician. This tool pouch comes with 20 pockets. You will get enough room for your tools such as meters, repairing tools. The pockets are multiple.

Besides, when you do not use this tool pouch, you can clip it with any Veto tool bag with D-rings. The pockets of TP4 are various in sizes such as bit pockets, shank pockets. However, the handle is made of rubber which is comfortable and durable.

VETO PRO PAC TP4 tool Pouch


  • The handle is detachable and grip that makes it easy to carry.
  • A perfect pouch for technicians.


  • For them who need a lot of space for many tools, this pouch is not good.
  • Some say that the meter pocket is slightly small.

[2] Klein Tools 5240:

Klein Tools pouch

It is a tool pouch of Klein. Klein is a popular brand for tool bags, pouch, and some other products. This company brings Klein Tools 5240 Tradesman Pro tool pouch at a reasonable price. Enough space and pockets are available for all your essential tools.

You can pick it beside your toolbox. So, you can get all your tools near your hand while working. You can keep your hammer in the tap loop and large tools such as screwdrivers or prybar in the side pocket. There are also spaces for nut driver, knife, and some other tools.


  • You do not feel heavy weight with this tool pouch.
  • Best pouch for telecommunications and electricians.


  • Sometimes, the stitching of some pouches is not good.

3. Carhartt Legacy Build Custom Tool Belt Pouch

Carhartt Legacy Tool Belt Pouch

It is a polyester made pouch mainly for electricians. It is waterproof and very much durable. However, this tool pouch is compatible with some other tool belts.

The main compartment contains 6 loops and also 7 exterior pockets such as loop for metal tools, tape clip, and tap holder. The shoulder strap is well padded and adjustable. It is the tool pouch to keep all tools well-organized and close to hand.

Besides, you can put a hammer in the hammer loop which is on the right side. Even, there is a pocket for a pencil for carpenters. However, you can attach this pouch to your Carhartt Custom Tool bag or belt.


  • Very durable.
  • It has enough space than you expect.


  • It is hard to find the cons of this pouch.

4. McGuire-Nicholas 526-CC Professional Electrician’S Pouch

McGuire-Nicholas Electrician'S Pouch

McGuire- Nicholas 526 is the tool pouch comes with multiple pockets and some loops. So, you can keep your small and big essential tools in this pouch and climb up any height to do your work. There is a metal clip tape in this pouch. This pouch is designed in such a way to keep your tools vertically. So, keep all your tools such as a hammer, tape measure, key, flashlight, etc on your pouch.


  • It is a good pouch at such a price.
  • Nice looking and comfortable.


  • Sometimes the screwdriver’s handle does not fit well.
  • The manufacturer uses here imitation leather, not the genuine one.

5. Custom Leathercraft 5505 Tool Pouch

Custom Leathercraft 5505 best Tool Pouch

CLC Custom Leathercraft is a well-known brand for tool bags, toolbox, pouches and so on. The products of this company are always satisfied to the customers. The tool pouch 5505 is the best tool pouch for anybody such as electrician and plumber.

It is made of ballistic fabric which is very durable. You will get 12 pockets with electric tape chain, measure clip, and hook. There is a padded handle that makes easy to carry the pouch on hand.  

However, three of its pockets are large and three are small.  The metal clip can hold all types of measuring tapes. You can carry 6 large screwdrivers and put other tools in four internal loops.


  • It is a very good tool pouch for the handyman.
  • Enough pockets for all kinds of tools.


  • The plastic zipper can be broken soon.

6. Beadalon 7-Piece Tool Kit Zip Pouch, Econo

Beadalon 7-Piece Tool Kit Zip Pouch

It is a small tool pouch with 7 pieces of tools. It is a pouch that can be zipped and looks like very nice. Inside this pouch, there are a chain and round nose pliers, wire cutters, tweezers, bead scoop, and some others. It is a perfect kit set for travel and keep all tools near your side. With the nose pliers, you can close bead tips.

Besides, you can properly crimp the smooth jaws, rounded edges. However, with the wire cutter, you can cut the ends of the wire. With the tweezers, you can pick the smaller beads and put it in the proper places. The round nose pliers are for make loops, curves. The bead scoop is for access all the beads of small and large sizes from mats, bins, and containers.


  • It is a perfect set toolkit for them who make jewelry.
  • Reasonable one at a reasonable price.


  • Somebody complain about the handle of the tools.

Final Verdict:

All the tool pouches described above are good for all types of people. Before choosing one read through all about them and select one that is the best tool pouch for you. A tool pouch is important for them who need some basic tools for everyday works with engaging two hands. When you reach your workplace, wear a tool pouch with necessary tools and start your work.

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