The 8 Best Tool Chest to Buy In 2018

Every professional mechanic needs the best tool chest in their workplace. A tool chest is a very common item in a garage. However, in a small working place, it is hard to organize all the tools. In this case, a tool chest is the best solution to manage all the tools and things in a place to get them easily. Besides, a rolling tool chest is easy to move any place. A better tool chest can carry a lot of tools up to 1000 pounds. So, if you want to buy a tool chest, make your budget and see some tool chest on the market and make your decision.

The Best Tool Chest Review For You

We are here to provide you some best tool chests review that can help you to know about them. Besides, it will help you to make a good decision about buying a tool chest. Choosing a tool chest is also depends on how much space you need.

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[1] Akro-Mils 10144 D Hardware and Craft Cabinet, Black

This tool cabinet is from the USA. It is a modern looking smart tool cabinet made of plastic. The plastic used here is very strong. It contains 12 unbreakable drawers of large size. Besides, there are more 32 drawers of small size. The frame of this tool chest is made of high-impact Polystyrene. It will allow you to organize all your tools and protect them also. All the cabinets are secure in the frame and stuck with some keyhole slots. The two sized drawers are a better solution for you to store all kinds of tools. Besides, the drawers have finger-grip that provides you easy access to the drawers.

This cabinet can be the best cabinet for you to organize all your tools of home, office or garage. The flexible drawers are easy to open and close. The back holes allow you to hang this cabinet securely on the wall. The 4 dividers for all drawers keep all the drawers secured.

[2] Best Choice Products Portable Top Chest Part- SKY2521

The people who desire an extra storage for their tools in the garage, a tool chest is enough for them to keep all the tools in a place. Best Choice tool chest will provide enough space and better organization of tools at your workplace. It has ten compartments and some drawers with a durable frame made of steel. Each drawer of this chest is lined with soft foam to keep the tools away from getting knocked or dropped.

However, you can move the tool chest easily because it has four wheels. The multiple drawers contain a top toolbox drawer, three small drawers, two trays, three large drawers and a cabinet on the bottom side. This tool chest has two separate pieces to keep your tools separately. Somebody complain about the material of this product. But overall, the product is really good.

[3] Excel TB2201X-Black 22-Inch Steel Chest Roller Cabinet Combination, Black

It is another option for them who need a tool chest in a garage at a low price. As this tool chest is made of steel, it is durable. It is really a nice one to keep a whole load of tools. The powder coat of it keeps the chest away from any scratch. There is a large compartment with some small drawers. You can move it around your workplace without any extra force because there are four Caster wheels. The drawers contain ball bearing that makes it easy to gliding.

[4] Craftsman 3-Drawer Metal Portable Chest Toolbox Red

Craftsman is the well-known brand for toolbox, toolset and Tool chest. Craftsman 3 Drawer Portable Chest is a small tool chest for garage or home. You can carry this tool chest easily with the handle. The cover Hinge makes it easy to open the lid to get the tools easily. When you close the lid, the drawers will close automatically.

Besides, you can open the drawers easily under weighty load. The lid latches are heavy duty and provide great security. Overall, the toolbox is very strong. The inside of this toolbox is colored and looks beautiful.

[5] Outers 25 – Piece Universal Wood Gun Cleaning Tool Chest

It is a wooden tool chest. But the manufacturer uses here high-quality material. It is the toolkit for hunting. The wood uses here aged-oak wood. The box is well finished and looking attractive. It keeps all your firearms clean and secure. It is not the tool chest for technicians or others. If you have hobby of hunting, you can take this toolbox beside you during your hunting. There are several parts to organize all the tools.

However, there is space to keep the cleaning materials of firearms. It is totally made of wood. So, the durability of this tool chest is praiseworthy. The rod cleaner is really good. It is a great tool chest for your firearms.

[6] Homak BK01032101 20Inch 3Drawer BallBearing Toolbox/Chest

Homak is an old company in 1947. The founder of this company is Sigmund H. Danziger. The company was firstly produced in kitchen cabinets. Later, this company brings some other products. All the customers are satisfied with their products. It is 20-inch long tool chest with three drawers. It is made of steel. This chest is really nice looking and easy to carry. The gripped handle provides much comfort. The drawers contain slip proof materials and smooth ball bearing. When you close the lid, all the drawers will lock automatically. Moreover, the latch system is very durable and provides proper security.

[7] Cartman Orange 39-Piece Tool Set – General Household Hand Tool Kit

It is another nice toolkit with 39 pieces tools. The orange color toolset is really attractive and small tool kit. It can be the best tool chest for repairing your house. It is made of heavy plastic with chrome plated that is resistant of corrosion. Keeps all tools secured. The tools are also made of standard materials. It contains 39 pieces. When you feel any small repair of your house, you will get all the necessary tools in a place.

So, those who want to keep a repairing toolkit in the home can take this toolkit. The box contains knife, scissors, hammer, screwdrivers, pliers and some other tools. All the tools and boxes are solid and well constructed. So, you can pick it as a basic toolkit for your home.

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[8] WEN 74706 26-Inch 6 Drawer Tool Chest, Silver/Black

When you get your tools perfectly organized, you will feel happy with your work. It is a perfect tool chest for any industrial and mechanical user. It is a 26-inch tool chest with two colors. It has total 6 drawers with a top chest. All the drawers can take load of 100 pounds with the self-locking belt. The ball-bearing of the slides protect the drawers and allow easy movement. It is made of steel and all the drawers are totally lockable. However, it is a tool chest of great durability. But sometimes you can feel the locking problem.

Types of Tool Chests

There are different types of the Tool chest. Let’s see some tool chests.

Stationary Tool Chests

This type of tool chest is a toolbox. But it is too large than a tool box. This tool chest has multiple cabinets with some drawers for both small and large tools. This type of chest also has wheels to move it. A large stationary chest is good for the garage.

Rolling Tool Chests

The portable rolling chest is good for them who need to move it anywhere. You will find the rolling tool chests with handle or wheels. Besides, the bottom side contains a large open bucket to hold large tools. This type of chest is made of plastic or steel. It can be the best choice for carpenters or plumbers.

Hand-Carry Tool Chests

It is a common tool chest for homeowners. We sometimes need some home repairing. You can carry this type easily and keep it in your garage or basement. It is good for you to keep some small tools.

Last Words of the Best Tool Chest

Before buying the best tool chest, there are lots of things of consideration. Try one that is well-organized and easy to move around.  When you search the market for best tool chests, you will find a lot of options. This time, you cannot make a good decision. So, read this full review of some tool chests of various kinds. This will help you to take the best one.

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