Best Tool Bag Review In 2019 [Buying Guide & Comparison]

Choosing the best tool bag sometimes becomes a little bit difficult. If you read this review, you will be able to know about some of the tool bags which are the best. Because we have researched almost 15 hours to find the best and top quality tool bags among the 100-150 bags.

The bag which is made of leather or other materials and is used to store the tools. It is a necessary thing for man who does construction based work or electric work. There are many brands of a tool bag and if you know through this article, you can choose the right one for you.

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14 Best Tool Bags Review:

If you search a tool bag online or in the market, you will find a lot of brands. If you do not use tool bags before, it will be tough for you to choose the best one. But don’t worry, this review will help you to find the best one for your daily purpose.

[1] Custom Leathercraft 15 Pocket:

The Custom Leathercraft 15 Pockets 16 inch tool bag can be the best tool bag for you to carry tools, parts and some other accessories.

It is important to have the right place where you can find all the necessary things easily during your work.

However, this tool bag is really very durable and also easy to carry. This bag has 8 pockets inside and 8 pockets outside.

So, this bag is as like as the storeroom of small tools. Custom Leathercraft 15 pocket bag is the ideal choice for the men who do the electrical work, carpentry, general maintenance and much more.

The zipper side of this bag is also provided better protection from falling any tools outside. The bag is 10 inches high and 10 inches wide. However, a multi-compartment plastic tray has in the middle side of the bag and makes it easy to access all the contents. So, you can keep nuts, screws, nails, hangers, etc.

Leathercraft tool bag is durable because the manufacturer uses durable polyester fabric. There are some large pockets which provide you a better solution for heavy tools.

Besides, there is a loop on one side of the bag so that you can maintain the position of all tools. It has the freestyle opening system to put the large tools. The zippered compartment of this bag prevents the falling and losing small tools. When you work, you can keep this tool bag easily on the shoulder because the padded strap provides you feel comfortable. And the grips prevent the falling of the bag.


  • Padded strap ensures the comfortability.
  • It provides a large space that allows you to keep a lot of tools.
  • Great tool bag to organize tools.


  • Some customers say that this bag is not so durable as they want.
  • The position of the light is a little bit comfort.

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[2] DEWALT DGL573 Lighted Technician’s Tool Bag:

The bag has 28 multi-pockets with LED light to find out the tools easily in the dark. The bag has enough space to keep your tools easily. The bag contains 6 large slots, 6 small slots, 2 mesh slots and 6 medium slots. So, you can easily arrange your tools.

There are also three levels of light output. So, you can keep your light in anyone according to your need.

However, this bag allows you the best access to all of the tools. As this bag has many pockets for different sizes of tools, it provides the great access to your tools because of the flashlight.

However, the four larger pouches of this bag on the back side make the bag more convenience. The other side contains the small tool slots. This tool bag is made of durable polyester fabric.

Besides, the bottom of this bag is so strong and contains 4 duty feet to keep the bag in any setting. There are extra straps to carry it on the shoulder comfortably. There is an extra compartment for the large tool in this bag. So, you can easily put the larger tool.


  • Comfortable to carry.
  • Enough space to carry the necessary tools.
  • The bottom side is really praiseworthy.


  • Not waterproof.
  • The light feature is not so good.

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[3] CLC Custom Leathercraft 1528:

This plastic designed tool bag is really very cool. I will recommend anyone to use this bag for easily maintaining electrical tools. The capability of this bag makes it more popular. All the tool pockets of this bag are on the side. It makes the easy access to the tool.

CLC Custom Leathercraft 1528 22 Pocket tool bag had a plastic tray that secures the tools and carries them easily. The bag is durable and makes easy access to all small and bigger tools.

The bag has a handle to carry it in hand and also the padded strap to comfortably carry it on your shoulders.

Besides, the elastic loops keep the large tool safe from falling. It provides enough space for the tools which are large. This bag has 14 outside pockets and also 8 inside pockets for the large tool. So, you can carry both smaller and the larger tools in a bag.


  • Enough space to carry both small and large tools, components.
  • Durable and comfortable.
  • Really good for electricians.


  • People expect better shoulder strap.
  • You can also feel problems with the handle.

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[4] Custom Leathercraft 1134:

This CLC leathercraft 1134 bag is a good backpack for your tools. If you are a technician, this tool backpack will be the best choice for you. It let you keep your hands free.

So, you can climb or work with your tools easily. This bag is mainly for the plumbing electricians.

The manufacturer brings this durable product with their best quality. This tool backpack has a lot of features.

It is the bag with a lot of small pockets with a large compartment. There are two large main compartments. They contain a lot of pockets to keep your large and small tools. This bag is 14-inch wide, 11- inch deep and the height is 16-inch. The bag contains a large pocket for the tools that you need easily during your work.

Besides, the bottom has been designed to keep it dry from the wet condition. The manufacturer has tested this bag for all weather conditions. Moreover, there is enough space for the screwdriver, pliers, and other small tools. Even there is space for a pen &pen torch.


  • Best quality bag for easy tool access.
  • Durable, solid quality.
  • Keep your hands free to do work comfortably.


  • People desire better padding on the back straps.
  • You will feel a little bit uncomfortable at the first time.

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[5] DEWALT DG5543 16-Inch Tool Bag:

The DEWALT DG5543 16-inch tool bag comes with its pop-open design with a large compartment for quick access. There is also a pocket with zipper to keep the valuable tools safely or you can keep the key inside it.

This heavy-duty bag comes with some special features. The pop-open design of this tool bag allows you to easily access to all tools. The large compartment has some parts for the tools. So, you need not scraping hands to get your stuff.

It is really a durable one. The manufacturer uses here the durable poly fabric which gives the extra durability than the traditional one.

Besides, the corner, bottom base also add wear resistance.  The padded shoulder strap and handle have the non-slip feature that makes the bag comfortable to carry.

Besides, the interior compartment contains 13 pockets for your tools. This compartment has a zipper to keep your tools safe. Just open the zipper and easily get your tools. You can carry all your tools for your everyday work. This bag has total 20 exterior pockets to put a number of tools. It has flap covers of the pockets.


  • Heavy duty durable tool bag.
  • Versatile bag with better security.
  • Have the best amount of room to carry the numbers of the tool.


  • The zipper sometimes gets stiff.
  • The shoulder strap is not so durable.

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[6] CLC 1539 Multi-Compartment 50 Pocket Tool Bag:

The CLC Custom Leathercraft 1539 is one of the best tool bags for the electricians, carpenter, plumbers to do their outstanding features. This is a durable and sufficient space tool bag & is great for carrying accessories, parts, tools.

I think the customers will fully satisfied with this bag within the reasonable price. The bag is long in 18 inches, wide in 7 inches and 14 inches high.

With a lot of features, this tool bag comes to satisfy the customers.

The inner compartment is suitable for carrying both power and large tools. Besides, the outer compartment is also large enough to put a large number of tools.

Moreover, the tape-measure clip of the exterior part provides protection for the tools. You can also access all the tools easily and quickly. It comes with a strong and reliable construction. CLC 1539 tool bag is constructed with poly fabric.

The top closure is also heavy-duty zippered to keep all tools safe and secure. Even more, the textured padded shoulder strap provides you best comfort. The multi-compartment tool carrier is the great solution for technicians to keep important tools near to hands.


  • Enough space to carry a vast number of tools and parts.
  • Durable and easy to carry.
  • Great tool bag with reliable price.


  • Some people say they feel a little heavy with this bag.
  • Some faces uncomfortable with the shoulder strap.

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[7] Custom Leathercraft 1165 Large Big Mouth Bag:

It is a tool bag with a large mouth to keep all the tools and other accessories in a place. You will get a number of pockets in this bag to organize and easy access to the tools.

Custom LeatherCraft always see the desire of the customers. So, they try to bring something more useful to the users.

This bag comes with maximum durability and enough space for all tools. Besides, you will get the best comfort with this bag.

The 600D polyester material provides the best durability. Besides, the bag is well-stitched. The design is box-shaped which keeps the bag from tipping.

Moreover, the shoulder strap is adjustable and the electrical tape and strap clip make it more versatile, well-organized and easy to carry. It will also provide the better comfort. You will get enough space and pockets in this bag.

There are 12 inside pockets for multi-use and 10 outside pockets. There is a vast space in the interior for your power tools and saws. You can get your tools easily from this bag during your work.


  • Durable one.
  • Enough pockets for all kinds of tool.
  • The size is also perfect.


  • The zipper stiffs at the first time.
  • The layout of this bag can be better than the existing one.

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[8] Custom Leathercraft 1509 21-Pocket:

CLC Custom Leathercraft 1509 21-Pocket bag is an innovative tool pouch for electricians. This bag offers the best solution for the electrical job, maintenance job, and another repairing task.

The rubber handle and padded shoulder make the bag easy to carry. This best quality bag is popular at an affordable price, However, the design is really good and modern.

This well-compartmentalized tool bag comes with all the space for your tools. The top part is covered by a zipped flap that prevents the tool from spilling out when you moving around or climbing or crawling. When you open the zipper, you will find the tools with hook and loop strap.

This pouch contains 21 pockets for your tools. The durable polyester fabric provides high-quality performance.

Besides, the poly-ballistic construction is really reliable. The overall construction makes the bag long-lasting. The handle of this pouch is made of rubber and you can comfortably carry it on your hands.

The air-mesh padded adjustable shoulder strap makes it easy to carry on the shoulders. Even more this shoulder strap reduces the heat of the body and increases the comfort.


  • Best quality tool bag with a lot of pockets.
  • Preferable to the electricians.
  • The best prevention of your tools and parts.


  • The rubber handle of this bag is not so durable.
  • You can face a problem with the zipper handle.

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[9] CLC Custom Leathercraft L230:

To keep your tool more organized, you can easily choose the CLC Custom Leathercraft L230. The bag comes with a LED light that is integrated into it to help you find all the tools in low light or dark place.

The main compartment of this bag has 29 pockets to keep the hand tools. The best protection of tools, easy carrying capacity, and durability make the bag favorite to the users.

Besides, the materials of construction are durable. The base is made of some layers pad that reduces wear and any abrasion. Zippers and metal buckles are for long time use. The carrying handles are comfortable. When you carry it on your shoulder, you will get comfort from the adjustable padded strap. The main compartment is large in size and contains 29 pockets for small and large tools.

There are 11 pockets in outside and allow you to store the necessary tools for easy access. This bag comes with a LED light which can be used at three levels of output.

So, you can easily find the necessary tools in a dark place. Besides, you can do the close-up work with this LED light feature.


  • Durable and perfect for size.
  • Great quality bag with reasonable price.
  • Can easily organize.


  • Some expect more features.

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[10] Craftsman 9-37537 Tool Bag Combo:

This craftsman 9-37537 Tool Bag Combo which are for moderate uses. The bag contains total 6 pockets, 3 are for exterior use and 3 are interior.

Though this bag is not so durable, it is reliable as the price. It keeps all the necessary tools at your fingertips.

The top zipper makes your heavy tool store easily. It is the bag with a heavy-duty construction. The bag is constructed in such a way that it long lasts and easy to carry.

All the large and small sized tool can be easily stored and carried in this bag. The large zipper can easily be opened and you can find all your tools here.

Besides, you can store the small items into the mesh pockets. This bag keeps all your tools safe. You can carry the combo separately or can carry together. The biggest compartment is to store the bigger tools. The zipper keeps them safe from falling down.


  • Heavy-duty and well-constructed.
  • The zippers are extra strong.
  • Versatile to use it.


  • The zipper sometimes broke down after long time uses.
  • Small in size.

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[11] Carhartt Legacy Tool Bag 14-Inch, Carhartt Brown:

Carhartt Legacy is a well-known company which brings some latest design tool bags. Carhartt Legacy Tool Bag 14-Inch is one of them.

However, this tool bag is large in size, durable and easy to organize. So, it can be the perfect tool bag for the job-site professionals and electricians.

This bag is water-proof and well-built. Even more, you will easily find all of your tools organized at the same place.

This bag has some features that are not available in other tool bags. All features are attractive and drive the users to love this bag.

Let’s see them. The durability of this bag is amazing. This bag is made of synthetic fabric that makes the bag waterproof.

However, the bag has two layers of two types of fabric. The outer part is thicker than the inner layer. There is vinyl backing that makes it water-proof. The zipper and the abrasion-resistant base, metal hardware frame, gripped handles give extra durability of this bag. It contains a lot of pockets to easily access the tools.

This bag has three different sizes. The 14-inch bag contains 17 exterior pockets and also 10 interior pockets. These pockets keep your tools and parts safe and easy to access. You can keep your large and small tools in such a way that you can get them without any trouble.


  • Well-constructed with a lot of space.
  • Water-proof feature keeps all the tools safe from rain and water.
  • Allow you to take all the important, large and small tools in a place.


  • Some call it a bucket bag.

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[12] Bucket Boss 10030 The Bucketeer BTO:

Bucket Boss always brings some tool organizers which are bucket shaped. Bucket Boss 10030. The Bucketeer BTO is such kind of tool organizer. It has the ability to carry a lot of tools.

This tool organizer is easy to carry and also durable. The 600D poly material construction makes the bucket durable for a long time. Besides, you can carry this bucket easily in your hand.

There is no chance to break the handle because it is made of steel. The bucket has 5-gallons capacity. There are a lot of pockets outside of the buckets for small and large tools.

There are also three interior loops for the heavy tools such as hammers, drills, long tools, etc. There is no tension to open any zippers. So, you can get any tools easily from your bucket.


  • Highly durable and be the best gift for a handyman.
  • People love the portability of this tool bucket.
  • Best product at the reliable price.


  • Some customers find the size of this bucket small than they expect.
  • The outside pockets are smaller and tighter.

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[13] Stanley STST70574 12-Inch Soft Sided:

Stanley is one of the best companies which provide tool bag. The Stanley STST70574 12-Inch Tool Bag is one of their best products. You can easily carry the necessary tools for your working purpose in this bag easily.

The overall construction of this bag is praiseworthy and durable. Enough space, well protection, make the bag an excellent one.

So, you can choose it as the best tool bag. The bag is made of polyester fabric which provides great durability. The bottom is also made of some layers of foam that protect the keep safe tools when the bag falls accidentally. It contains a lot of pockets to carry all the tools both small and medium tools.

The padded and adjustable strap provides easy carrying. Besides, the mesh pockets are for carrying small and personal accessories. Moreover, the cotton handles are so comfortable. So, it can be the best choice for a technician.


  • Great for carrying all the necessary tools.
  • Affordable and durable.
  • Modern and functional design.


  • Customers expect a little bit bigger one.
  • Sometimes the zipper gets stiffed.

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[14] WORKPRO 16-inch Wide Mouth Tool Bag:

WORKPRO 16-inch Wide Mouth Tool Bag is a tool bag with a wide zippered mouth to provide safety for the tools.

It is made of polyester fabric which is a durable material. A lot of pockets with different sizes allow the users to keep so many small and medium-sized tools.

If you like this brand, you can choose this tool bag for your daily purpose. With enough space for all types of tools, the bag comes to enough pockets for the loots such as pliers, meter, wrenches, screwdriver and other accessories.

All the tools are secured in here. The polyester fabric and nylon gear provide the best durability of this bag.

Besides, the bottom side is constructed in such a way that it protects the tools when the bag falls down. Moreover, the padded handle and the adjustable shoulder strap provide extra comfort while carrying the bag.

The bottom of this bag is waterproof and made of 600 denier fabric. It keeps your tools away from water.


  • Provides long-term durability.
  • Well-protected bag.
  • The strong bottom keeps it in the shape.


  • The height of the pockets is not better for big tools.
  • Can face the zipper problem.

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Why We Need a Tool Bag?

A took bag is generally needed to keep heavy or small tools in a place to reach them easily whenever you need. It also allows you to carry during working or anywhere easily.

  • A tool bag allows you to keep all tools in a place.
  • Waterproof one will protect tools from other elements.
  • For your heavy tool, you can use the wheeled tool bag to transport easily.
  • Moreover, you can use the canvas tool bag for your gardening tools.
  • A tool bag will provide your tool organized.
  • You can easily carry the sharp and small tool easily and safely.
  • Also, you can also use a tool bag for general purpose for the rugged environments.
  • A tool bag is better than a toolbox.

So, we see that a tool bag is a very necessary thing for us to carry and keep safe our small and big tools.

Which Things Should You Consider To Buy The Best Tool Bag :

When you make a decision to buy a tool box, you should make sure that the bag has some quality or features. Let’s see some things of consideration to buy a tool bag.

Material and construction

We know that the durability of any product mostly depends on the materials. It is same as a tool bag. If a tool bag is constructed of a weak material, it will not last for long. However, if the material of the tool bag is made of better plastic or canvas, it will last longer. Besides, if the lid is made of metal frame, it will stay up during loading your tools. You should also consider that the material is good for all weather. If the bag is waterproof, it will keep all the tools good.

You should also tool for the zipper’s durability. If the zipper quality is poor, it can be broken easily. Besides, a tool bag needs heavy-duty fasteners.

Size of the bag

Different people need different sized tool bag. It depends on the tools quantity and size. If you want to carry a lot of tools both small and large, you should choose the tool bag of large size. So, consider the length and width of the bag.


It is an important matter. The easy organization allows you easy access to all tools. See the compartments and numbers of pockets of the tool bag. Besides, see that if the tool can be easily fit in the pockets.


Everybody wants the lightweight tool bag to carry it easily. The heavy one is hard to carry with all tools. An ideal bag is very lightweight.

Style and Design

We always prefer the best designed and stylish tool bag to carry all tools outside. The renowned company brings the stylish and well-designed tool bags. But you should choose the style according to your profession. The color, style should be aesthetics.


Budget is another important matter. The best quality tool bag will cost you a good amount. See the price of the tool bags of different brands and make your decision.

Last Words Of Best Tool Bag:

A tool bag is very imperative to the electricians and other professionals. As there are lots of bags on the market, it is sometimes complicated to choose the best one. The best tool bag will be easily organized and have enough space for all tools. All of the described tool bags are good for anyone. So, make a budget and then choose one according to your desire.

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