Best Mechanic Tool Set Review In 2018

During to repair anything, you may feel the necessity of the best mechanic tool set. Mechanic tool set is a toolkit box that contains a lot of necessary tools such as a screwdriver, hammer, pliers and many more.

When you go to the market or search Google for your first mechanic tool set, you will find a lot of brands and models.

But probably you may want the best one. So, try to know some good mechanic tool sets of this review post. Besides, it is also an important matter to see the number of tools, types of tools etc.

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Why We Need Mechanic Tool Set?

Before buying anything, we always search advantages & disadvantages. So, when you buy a mechanic tool set, you may want to know that what purposes you can use this tool set. A mechanic tool set will make you a good mechanic. If you fall problem with your car engine, you can overcome this complex problem with a better quality tool set.

Besides, it is better to keep a tool set in your home as the emergency backup. However, a tool set saves our valuable time and make our work easy. Besides, if you know the proper use of your toolset, it will save your money by reducing the repairing cost. The beginner mechanics will get huge benefits from the toolbox. However, to save time, money and energy, we need a mechanic tool set obviously.

The Best Mechanic Tool Set to Buy In 2018

In this article, we try our best to provide 10 best mechanic tool sets review. We hope this review will help you to choose the best one.

[1] Craftsman 230-Piece

This toolset is good for them who need rough use and do work under the sun rays. This toolset offers you total 230 pieces tools. The manufacturer uses here alloy steel which is really durable. So, with this tool, you can take any challenging work. The silver finish makes the tools look well. However, the toolset has three sizes ratchets which are used for quick release. Besides, it contains 116 sockets with metric and inch measures. However, you will get a lot of screwdrivers to fit screws. The handles are magnetic, and there are also 12 nut drivers bit. The overall toolset is necessary to do any types of mechanical work.

Besides, you will get one universal joint with two extension bars. The 40 screwdriver bits are for the versatility of your project. There are also forty hex keys. These different sizes are very helpful to find out the exact tools when you need to do your project properly in time. So, you need not compromise the tools which are too big or too small to damage your work. You can properly organize your tools because there are enough compartments to keep the tools. I think this is the best mechanic tool set which probably you are looking.

[2] Stanley STMT71654 201-Piece Tool Set

Stanley is the well-known toolset brand all over the world. The excellent quality and design of toolsets make the manufacturer famous. However, Stanley STM 1654 201 piece is one of the best mechanic toolsets of this company. This toolset offers a wide range of sockets and a lot of drive tools. It is a cheap toolset with high-quality tools. You can keep this toolset in your car to repair it when you fall into a problem. Though you use it for few years, the tools look as new. The storage box is large enough and has well-organized compartments to keep all the tools. It can be the best toolset for emergency use.

However, the sockets are easily accessible. The tools are made of high-quality steel with nickel chrome finish. Besides, all the tools are easy to use. There are three separate ratchets. So, you can easily find out the right one for your work. The ratchets have 54 teeth, and you can move them less seven degrees.  The tools are made of USA. Moreover, with the max-drive, you can reduce the fasteners. Overall, you will get the lifetime warranty of this toolbox because of its materials. However, the toolbox is not heavy, and you can easily carry it one place to another.

[3] Craftsman 165 pc

Craftsman is considered as one of the best toolset brands worldwide. It brings a lot of toolsets with various numbers of tools. If you want a toolset only for your emergency use, you can choose this toolset. It is a small but a complete toolset for our emergency use. It is for the basic need such as to repair bicycle, furniture or other family vehicles. There are the three sized drive sockets such as ¼, ½ and 3/8 inch 92 sockets. Besides, there are two universal joints, a ratchet for each size drive and two extension bars. Moreover, there are 12 wrenches.

All the tools are made of good materials that give durability to the tools. Besides, the case provides the best organization of your tools. So, you can get the tools quickly from your case when you are busy with your work. Though it is a small toolset, you will get all the necessary tools for home or car repairing. Besides, the tools are easy to handle and use. You will feel comfortable with this toolset.

[4] Crescent CTK170CMP2

Crescent is an old renowned American company. They always see the customers want and bring toolset according to it. It is the toolset for mechanics that are good for any mechanical or consumer work. Like the other toolset, this box contains three sizes ratcheting drives and a lot of deep sockets of most common sizes. The chrome finish of each tool makes the tool perfectly shaped. However, the quality of these tools is extremely high. The vanadium steel alloy made tools provide great strength and resistance to corrosion. You can use the tools for the industrial, mechanical works. The ratcheting driver comes in different sizes such as ¼-inch, ½-inch and also 3/8-inch.

Besides, you will get 2 spark plugs, 25 twelve sockets for points, 10 six point sockets, etc. The wrenches are both metric and SAE combination, 2pliers, 4 screwdrivers, a bit driver of 44 driver bits. However, all the tools are the best quality and provide the best satisfaction guarantee because the tools are designed such a way that you can use it for a long time.

[5] DEWALT DWMT72165 204 Piece Tool Set

Sometimes, you need the certain type of toolset for your certain project. DEWALT DWMT72165 toolset contains a lot of tools. It provides you total 204 tools. So, you can use this toolset for your various purposes because it provides a lot of tools.  The sockets and ratchets are best in this toolset. It can be the best toolset for them who need to work with a lot of nuts, bolts, and screws. The best feature of this toolset is the primary ratchet that can work with all kinds of sockets. However, the ratchet contains 72-tooth which allows you to control any amount of torque. Besides, the slim ratchet is easy to handle.

The DEWALT DWMT72165 204 pc toolset features easy socket size. The knurled rings provide the non-slip surface which is gripping. With the low profile lever, you can reduce catch points easily with one-hand operation. The ratchet features the 5-degree Arc swing with the slim head for maneuverability in some constricted areas. The case is durable that allows you to store easily and gives the tools proper protection. But the warranty is very limited. It is one of the best mechanic tool set till now.

[6] STANLEY STMT73795 Mixed Tool Set

It is the toolset for you to complete your various projects only with one toolset. This toolset is perfect for him who wants more tools with less money. However, this toolset provides you total 210 pieces of tools which are enough for any project. But the tools are solid and you do not feel that they are cheaper. The ratchets are easy to handle to switch a number of sockets. The comfortable grip design makes easy to hold it. Besides, the polish chrome finish of the tools has anti-corrosion protection. Moreover, the case makes it easy to carry all tools together and easy access to them.

In the market, there are a lot of toolsets with a lot of tools in cheap rate. But when you go with them, you will feel that it is just wasting your money. But this toolset is very durable and proper toolset at the lowest price. Just look the list and materials of the tools then you will feel why it is good. You can hold any tool perfectly and use it properly to fix anything in the garage. The better organization system also gives you to keep all the tools in place.

[7] Apollo Tools 95 Piece Mechanics Tool Kit

It is a small mechanic tool box set. But it can be the best mechanic toolset for home purpose. It can be your essential toolset for your home and your vehicle. This little toolset is it easy to carry. The box is also durable, and you can organize your tools perfectly in it. However, the wide is 14. 17 inches and the wide is 17.52-inch. All the necessary tools are here. So, when you face any small problem with your care or any small repairing at your home, you can use this toolset. The chrome finishing makes all the tools corrosion-free. When you take the tools on hand and use it, the tools do not fall from your hand. The design of the tools and toolset is standard. So, if you need the small one, you can take this toolset without any hesitation. There are many toolkits with a lot of tools. But you will see that all the tools are not necessary. So, you can choose this tool set that contains less but all essential tools. This is the best mechanic tool set if you have a low budget.

[8] Stanley 96-010 75-Piece

It is a very small toolset for home use. With this tool, you can quickly fix your home problem with this little toolset.  It contains only 75 piece tools. So, all the tools are very common for the as usual repair of a car or any engine problem. All the tools made of chrome vanadium and fully polished with chrome finish. The handles of the tools are so finished and slip resistance that you can hold them without any tension. Besides, this polish makes the tools durable for a long time. The tools also have the quick release mechanism for easy operation. All the tools are very durable and beautiful to look at. Besides, the ratchets have the fast release switches and also the reverse mechanism to easily handle them. Moreover, the case is also durable and easy to carry. All the hand tools meet ANSI specifications. But the warranty is the limited lifetime.

[9] DEWALT DWMT75049

It is another best mechanic toolset of Dewalt. It contains a lot of necessary tools.  You will get total 192 tools in this toolset. Any mechanics can use this toolset for his practical purpose. The knurled rings make the tools handle non-slip. The ratchet has 72-tooth that is designed for high ratchet torque. Besides, the etched marking helps you to identify all the pieces. The head is slim and has a five-degree arc to simplify your operations. The company provides you a lot of tools in a showcase to get them at a time. You can keep all your tools in the place and use them when you need. If you see the customer reviews of this toolset, you will find that most of the users are satisfied with this toolset. They are happy to have this one. Besides, the case of this tool set is durable than other toolsets cases. You can see that after many years, the case gets broken but the tools are as the new. So, any professional can take this toolset for his daily purpose.

[10] Craftsman 108 Pc Tool Set

It is also a good quality toolset for mechanics with the combination of all necessary tools. The set comes with ¼-inch, also 3/8-inch two sizes drives. All the tools are easy to use for all kinds of automotive projects. The 1/4 – inch drive tool includes the regular sockets with a quick release. Besides, the 3/8- inch drive contains deep sockets with the quick-release ratchet. The screwdrivers, nuts, and some other tools are also perfect. There are a lot of sockets of different sizes and measures. You will get total 35 ¼ inch drive tools, 34 piece 3/8-inch drive tools, and more 39 specialty tools. Besides, you will get three sizes ratchets for different working needs. There are two wrenches for different sockets, ten screwdrivers, 14 hex keys and also 12 nut drivers. You will need all of your work. So, it seems that the Craftsman 108 Pc Mechanic’s Tool Set can be the best one for a plumber, mechanic or any other professionals.

Best Mechanic Tool Set Brand

When you want to start your career in the field of mechanics, you always need the best set of mechanical tool. So, when you go to the market to buy a mechanic tool set. You should consider the brand. There are many mechanic tool set brands worldwide. To spend your valuable money, you should buy a well-known brand’s tool set. Besides, different brands bring the same type of product. So, sometimes it is difficult to choose the right brand. Let’s see some brands of the mechanic tool set.

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Mac Tools:

It is one of the respected tool brands worldwide. They offer a lot of tools for mechanics. They provide tool sets, mechanic tools, hand tools and all kinds of tools in different sizes. The tools are high-quality, durable and praiseworthy.


There are no many brands that can beat Craftsman. The tool sets are high-quality. It is an American company and the company provides their tools via different online shops all over the world. The tools will durable for the lifetime.


Stanley comes with the tools and toolsets that are rich in features. The quality products will come with the lifetime warranty. If you buy their product, you do not need to worry about the quality, comfort, and versatility.


Husky is also a prestigious brand that represents affordable, durable tool set for a mechanic. All the come with lifetime warranty. It can be the good choice for them who have a limited budget. Besides, it is the brand for new technicians.


Blackhawk provides less expensive and reliable tools for mechanics. But they have a good reputation for their tools. It is actually a sub-brand of Stanly. They provide multi-tools but simple an easy to use.


It can be the best brand for mechanic tool sets. They offer the tool set of different sizes and numbers of tools for their customers. However, you will get both less expensive and expensive tool sets according to your budgets. However, choose one as the best mechanic tool set for your daily or professional use of this brand. Read more information on the Dewalt official site.

Wright Tool:

It is also an American brand. However, it is the brand for professionals. Wide range tools are available from this company. All kinds of the tool set such as master tools, basic tools, general use and intermediate tool sets. But you cannot order these tool set from their website because it is not friendly for the users. So, try to buy them from any distributor.


Makita is the trustful tool set providers for them who want the quality power tools. The tools are very much efficient and durable. Besides, you will get different combos of various tools such as hammer set and driver set and so on. Even they provide 15 pieces tool sets.

It’s one of the best and top seller Contractor-Grade Bit Set. This bit set is the first choice for every contractor.

Before purchasing a tool set for your home or your profession, the quality, price, durability are the most important things. However, brand plays also an important impact. So, try to choose the tool set of a reliable brand. It is a little bit difficult for the beginners to choose the best brand. But most of the famous brands provide best tools.

Which Things You Should Consider To Buy The Best Mechanic Tool SET

We always desire the best mechanic tool set while buying one. It can be your first time shop for a mechanic tool set. So, before buying one, you need to see some matters that are important. So, the key points we describe here below will help you to buy the best one.


Durability is the most important thing for any tool or product. If you buy a tool that breaks within some days, you will be disappointed. The mechanic tools that are made of alloy and steel, the will be more durable. Besides, check the handles. The proper grip of the handles will provide good protection from falling down from hands. The tools with this type of handles do not require much pressure.

Ratchet Tooth

Before buying tools, you should check the ratchet tooth. If the ratchet has more teeth, this ratchet needs less swing. So, you will notice that the best tool has this feature. Besides, the best ratchet offers fewer inner resistances which need less capacity to make the screw loose. Different brands bring the ratchets with 36 to 72 teeth. You will need the five-degree movement with a better ratchet. But a bad ratchet will be needed 10-degree.


We always search for the versatile tools to handle and maintain. When you work with a versatile tool, you will feel very easy and can work within a short time. Nowadays the engines are become complex and sometimes it very tough to reach the deepest part. So, it is very important to have the tool sets that are versatile and good for repairing an engine.

Number of tools

It is another important matter is the number of tools. Different tool sets contain a different number of tools. Some have more and some have less. So, if you need fewer tools for your working purpose, it is better to buy the small tool set containing fewer tools.

Working purpose

The tool sets also depend on your working purpose. If you always do the mechanical works, you need all the small and large tools. Besides, in this case, you need the tools that are durable and good for heavy work. On the other hand, you need all the simple and necessary tools for your household work. In this case, you need fewer tools than for the heavy-duty work.


Brands matter a lot of any product. The reliable and famous brands always provide the tool sets that are good for their prices. But you will find that some brands provide many tools at a cheap price. But the tools may be not durable. So, always make a budget to buy tool sets from a well-known brand. The well-known brands also provide warranty and best services.

Construction of the case

The case is also an essential part to organize your tools. The case is needed to be hard and durable. Besides, the inside will have to be fit for tools. The case is the place to keep and arrange all the big and small tools. However, it will work as the protective box for your tools. If the case is well-designed and easy to carry, you can carry it anywhere at any time comfortably. Every brand comes with a different case.


To make a good investment, you need the toolset with a long-term warranty. However, you want the tool that can be good for any hard work. Different brands provide different types of warranty. Check them properly before buying.

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Last Words:

Finally, we can say that all the tool sets are really good for a mechanics as well as for home use. Carefully see the features and choose one as your best mechanic tool set according to your purpose. All the above tool sets are the best sets of best companies. Some are small but good for small and medium purpose and some are for big works. So, take one based on your work.

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