8 Best MIG Welder Under $500

A metal fabricator, a farmer or other professionals need the best MIG welder for various purposes. This machine is straightforward and also easy to use. You only need to spend some hours to learn the fabrication process of a MIG welder.

This machine also saves your time and money. You can use it to weld different types of large or small metals.

Both learner and professional can use this welder. But if you are a new one to buy a MIG welder under $500 from a lot of options, you need to know about properly and also know some best welders according to the using purposes.

Best MIG Welder Review

What is a MIG welder?

The welder is the machine used to weld any metallic things. MIG welder is a small wire-feed welder. Anyone can easily use this welder for any repairing purposes in the house or working place.

Now this machine is very much popular. People can learn it easily and use it for various purposes. With a MIG welder, you can make many things in your yard.

The price of MLG welder is not so high. You can get a good machine for $400-$500. You can put this little nice machine in your garage. But you should use a MIG very carefully because it is an electric machine. It helps the farmer, enthusiast, rancher, home-hobbyist, artist and others to make many types of fabrication and repair.

Kinds of MIG Welder Machine

There are various types of MIG welder machine. But one type is mostly used than the others. When you go to the market to buy a MIG welder, you will see the different names, and it can make you confuse to purchase the right one. The following welders are the MIG welders.

  • Metal Inert Gas welder
  • Gasless welder
  • Metal in Gas Welder
  • Wire Feed Welder
  • Metal Arc welding

Top-Rated MIG welder for home use

If you have a welder machine, it will be very useful to you. When a metallic thing breaks, there is no need of calling one to fix the problem. You can repair it yourself with your MIG welder.

You can also control other situations, and anything from your home will not get worse. You need not a large-sized welder to work with your things.

However, you can invest money to buy a good MIG welder for home so that it can save your time and money. See a list of top rated MIG welder for your home use.

Best MIG welder 2018 review

A MIG welder is now a popular tool for welding. With it, you can join any metal things easily. The machine runs with the power of electricity and melts to join the materials together.

If you want to purchase a one for you, you can see the best 8 MIG welder reviews 2018. You can then learn the features and pros and cons and can determine which one is better for you.

#1 Hobart 500559 Handler 140 MIG Welder 115V

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Hobart 500599 MIG Welder is an ideal one for any household repair. Besides, with it, you can work other repairing projects. It is durable and provides the best services to the users.

This welder is easy to configure. You can do it within a few minutes. The user guide will provide you the details of the configuration and using process.

However, this welder machine can be the best companion to you to repair the fences, sculpting metal, repairing your garden, PTO attachments and also repairing the lawn equipment.

This machine is from the USA. You can weld 1/4 inch mild steel with this welder. Besides, you can change the voltage settings and change the drive roll quickly. As it is not the big one, it is lightweight. So, for high-quality welding at your home, you choose this MIG welder.


Let’s see the features of Hobart 500599 MIG Welder.

  • Easily change the input between 115 to 230 V:

Hobart 500599 Handler has the option to change the input power from 115 to 230 V. You need not any tools to replace it. This machine automatically adjusts the input power and provides the best arc performance. This machine is impact and portable because it is packed into the small case.

  • Easily set up it and use it:

As the set up takes only a few minutes, your welder is then ready to use. You will get the setup guide inside the box of the welder. After reading the manual, you can start your welding.

  • Appropriate for the DIY welding project:

With Hobart Handler you can weld exhaust systems, trailer frames, hitches, the bow rack, mower decks, gardening equipment, farm tools, fences, etc. You can also weld aluminum with spoolrunner 100 with the direct plug-in gun.


  • Easily set up and use it.
  • Durable and impact one.
  • Can weld most of the parts.
  • Well arc performance.


  • It is not for welding all types of metal.
  • It is for the small project.

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#2 Lotos MIG140 140 Amp MIG Wire Welder


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Lotos MIG 140 is another best welder for the novice users. It is good for your home and small workshop.

The great features of this MIG welder make the machine very suitable to use. It can be a right choice for the beginner because it is very durable and also reliable.

The aluminum wire feeder makes the machine stable. You can connect the welder to a 110V outlet. You can weld the metals such as stainless steel, aluminum, and mild steel. You can weld up to 1/4-inch steel. The digital display will show you the wire inches and arc volts per minute.


Let’s know the features of Loto MIG 140 welder.

  • Reliable and Durable:

This MIG welder is built in such a way that it is very durable and reliable. You can use it for many years for your home and workshop purposes.

  • Transformer technology:

The transformer technology makes the machine more convenient and strong one. You can connect it to the 110V wall easily and set up it only within 10 minutes.

  • 2017 upgrade version:

The 2T/4T switch is available in this version. You can adjust the speed of the wire feeder and the welding voltage with 2 digital displayers quickly. In this welder, you will get a new ground cable connector.


  • Easy to control the welder.
  • Durable one.
  • You can use it for different types of metal.


  • Sometimes the wire speed is not so responsive.
  • The features are not so advanced.

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Best MIG welder for the beginner

If you are the beginner, you should choose one that is cheap rated but durable and easy to control.

You should also consider the metal thickness, weight, voltage, duty cycle, and some other matters. Now we are going to provide you the two best MIG welder review for the beginner.

#3 Lincoln Electric K2185-1 Handy MIG

Lincoln Electric MIG Welder review

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The Lincoln K2185-1 MIG is one of the popular welders that is very much suitable for the small welding job.

You can weld up to 1/8 inch steel with this welder. It is popular because the price is low and you can carry it easily.

If you do not need a more powerful one, you can maintain its durability. It is designed for any home repairing project.

This MIG welder is a simple one and also simple to control. As the price is low, you do not get the additional features such as speed control option.

The output power of this machine is 115 V. You can set the voltage for four different options. You can carry the machine from one place to another with the help of a handle at the top side of the machine.


  • It is the best investment for the beginner.
  • The solid mechanism makes it durable.
  • The performance is stable.


  • It is only good for household uses.
  • Not suitable for thicker metals.

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#4 Arc Stick Welder (Campbell Hausfeld)

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Though Arc stick welder is a little machine, it is powerful than you think. You will see that the duty cycle is only 20% at the power 50 amps. But you can do the small repairing and use it for your hobby welding.

It has the power cord of 5 feet long. You can use it on your household circuit. It is only for little work. You will get a good arc and enjoy while working with it. The size of this machine is small, and for this reason, you can easily carry it. You can weld 1/8 inch metal with it.


  • Small MIG welder for hobby purposes.
  • Simple on at the great price.
  • Perfect for small projects.


  • You cannot use it as the professional one.

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Best 220v MIG welder

If you are a professional, upgrading a good machine is not a bad idea. From a lot of options, a review can help you to get the best one.

#5 LOTOS MIG175 175AMP MIG Welder

LOTOS MIG175 Mig Welder

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If you need a perfect welder of 220 V, you can choose the Lotos MIG 175 AMP. You will get all the necessary features.

You can use it to weld steel and stainless steel. You will never think that your money is going for the worse.

Besides, the setup of this machine will only take 10 minutes.  So, for the perfect fabrication work, you can take it to your home or workshop.

The transformer technology proves that the machine is the durable one. You can connect it to the outlet wall. You will enjoy the better user experience with its high-quality wire feeder. So, try this versatile one for your various welding purposes.


  • The great welder at a great price.
  • A professional welder can use it for the medium projects.


  • The spool gun is not so good.

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The SUNGOLDPOWER 200amp MIG welder is the best investment of your money for welding purpose. But it is not the top one because the feature of this welder is simpler and does not have much control.

However, the machine is lightweight, and for this, you can carry it at any place you want. This machine can be used for the projects that need higher frequency.

You can weld bronze, steel, stainless steel. But you cannot use it to weld aluminum. So, it can be an excellent option for people who want to complete the medium to slightly larger welding project.


  • It is an excellent one at the reasonable price.
  • A versatile one.


  • It is not for the industrial project.

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Best dual voltage MIG welder

There are many MIG welders are available in the market. Among them, some MIG welders are famous to the users. Let’s see the review of 2018 of the best dual voltage MIG welder.

#7 LOTOS TIG200 200A AC/DC Aluminum Tig/Stick Welder

LOTOS TIG200 mig welder

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This versatile welding machine offers you the simple controlling system and easy set up to do a wide range of welding work.

You can do the accurate welding of aluminum with LOTOS TIG200. As it is the dual voltage MIG welder, you can switch the voltage 220V to 110V with the help of the adapter plug and AC/DC 200 amps.

It is the perfect one for a professional welder who wants industrial quality welding. You can weld aluminum, steel, mild steel, and some other materials with this machine. The welding capacity of this machine is 3/8 inch mild steel.


  • Provides the best welding experience.
  • You can do the quality welding with this little machine.


  • When you use it for a long time, it may not work well.

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#8 Hobart 500554001 MIG Welder

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Hobart 500554001 MIG welder is the wonderful one among dual voltage welder. You can perform a powerful welding project with this machine.

This welder is designed in such a way that makes it powerful, portable and suitable for welding flux core, steel, and aluminum.

The operating parameter of this machine is generous and allows the user to weld 5/16 inch steel. It is really amazing.

So, if you want to use it for household repairs, farm projects, auto body repair, you can use it. It can also do some works that need extra power. The seven output voltage of this welder is a good feature.


  • Versatile and powerful one.
  • Good for the professional to do household and small projects.


  • The power cord seems small to some users.

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Final Words

Choosing the best MIG welder is sometimes challenging. But I hope that this review is helpful for the beginner and other users to choose the right one under $500. All the MIG welders described here are suitable for various purposes according to the uses and users. So, try to select the best one for you among them.

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